Essential New Technologies

  • business process diagram
  • Over the last 20 years the U.S. business market has changed. Our business have transformed from product organizations to service organizations. The key components of businesses today are the information workers who provide these services. However during a recession these key personnel are the first to be let go as companies try to maintain service levels with fewer individuals.

    There have been many names give to process management during this period of time from BPR (Business Process Re-Design) to BPM (Business Process Management). Many of these techniques focused on automating the non-value added tasks to boost the productivity of the information worker. Those initiatives turned out not to provide solutions primarily because they discounted the value of the information workers providing the products of these companies.

    Let us show you how to value your information workers and empower them with business process management through people centric, configuration driven business processes that are as agile as your business needs to serve your clients.